Finding warm and cozy Italian restaurants in the USA is tricky since it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. There are so many options you could consider, and asking somebody else for their opinion is pointless since everybody has a different choice. Hence, keeping this problem in mind, I have taken it upon myself to take reviews from fifty people and then narrow down the options for you based on their reviews as well as my own.

In the following article, I am about to narrow down the top three names of the restaurants that were repeated over and over by the reviewers. You can read the reviews and do your research before trying out the exquisite restaurants that I’m about to recommend to you. So, for further details, I suggest you keep reading down below.

1. La Fontana

The La Fontana restaurant is hands down the best Italian restaurant in the US if you ask me. This restaurant has a beautiful ambiance and focuses on serenity and quiet for its customers. Diners usually go there to sit in peace and gather their thoughts while dining on exquisitely cooked Italian cuisine.

It is a compact yet cozy place that allows the customer’s absolute privacy due to the genuine seating arrangement. You can have a very comfortable dining experience with your family at La Fontana. However, it is a slightly expensive restaurant due to the top-notch quality of ingredients used in the cooking.

They use everything fresh for the cooking. Some raw materials, such as olives and nuts, are imported from other countries. Plus, expert Italian chefs grace the vast kitchens of the famous La Fontana restaurant, pouring their hearts into every dish they cook.

The menu of this restaurant is also vast. There is no Italian dish that you would not find on the menu. They have all kinds of Italian pizzas and pans, and the best part is that you can also get your order customized.

2. Nicky’s Coal Fired

Nicky’s Coal Fired is another excellent Italian restaurant you can visit in the US. It is a very lavish restaurant that offers the best Italian food ever. The menu is so vast that I don’t think there is any Italian dish that you won’t find on it.

In addition, the food is impressive in quality and quantity. The restaurant has the best Italian chefs who cook everything efficiently and precisely. All the food materials, including meat and vegetables, are bought fresh daily so customers can have the best and most divine dining experience.

Other than that, the restaurant’s ambiance is very cozy. The kind where you can spend a calming evening peacefully with your loved ones without feeling rushed or anything of the sort. The staff is also amiable and goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable and satisfied.

Other than that, the restaurant is a little expensive compared to other US-based Italian restaurants. However, the quality and the quantity make up for it. The serving size per dish is adequate, and all your food cravings are guaranteed to be satisfied.

3. Felix Trattoria

If you are craving homemade Italian pasta made with California-grown ingredients, you must try the Felix Trattoria restaurant in Los Angeles. It is the best pasta I have ever tasted in my entire life.

The flavors are top-notch. Trust me when I tell you that your pasta standards will be forever altered once you have their homemade pasta.

It is a lavish restaurant with exquisite dining space. The customers can have dinner with their loved ones in peace.

The staff’s behavior is also very complacent, adding to your sound experience. I have personally tried almost all the dishes on their menu, and needless to say, I loved them all!

Another thing that I love about this restaurant is that they go out of their way to maintain the taste of their dishes. No matter how often I go there, the taste of the food is always the same as I remember. And believe me, it is excellent since you can count on it to entice your taste buds as ever.

What part of the US has the best Italian food?

It is a matter of opinion, however. If you want to know the consensus, it is said that Hartford, Las Vegas, and Philadelphia have, hands down, the best Italian food in the USA. The Italian restaurants here are world-famous, and people from across the globe come here to visit these restaurants.

So, it is safe to say that there are a few Italian restaurants in the USA that you must try out at least once in your lifetime. These restaurants might be expensive, but the food quality and quantity are worth the price. The overall ambiance and dining experience is to die for.

So, I would suggest that you try out all three of the restaurants I mentioned above; however, the one restaurant you must not miss is the La Fontana restaurant. The lavish Italian dishes on their menu are a must-try, and you are missing out big time in case you haven’t tested it yet.