Are you tired of eating pizza on the couch at home and want to experience the air and get a treat in a warm, cozy restaurant? The majority of people do not like to go out of their house on winter days. But they miss the chance to eat in a welcoming restaurant where the waiters give them royal treatment.

Instead of eating pizza on the same couch daily, I will suggest you go out, get some air, and have a pizza in a restaurant. It will not only enhance your well-being but also give you a different experience. There is nothing worth enjoying in the winter except going out to a welcoming restaurant and eating cheesy pizza near a fireplace.

Italian pizza is the only thing that holds a distinct standard in the world of fast food. Well, there is a long debate about whether pizza is fast food or not, but here, my purpose is to tell you the places where you can eat pizza instead of indulging in a foody intellectual debate. There are thousands of restaurants in the country, and I know that you have tested hundreds of them.

But the venues I am about to mention here are different from all the hundreds where you visited. I visited multiple restaurants known for their best pizza and selected the top 3 of them. I consider them distinct from others based on three fundamental elements: quality of food, ambiance, and hospitality.

Additionally, I examined in these restaurants the intimate setting and the other aspects like music and entertainment facilities. In my opinion, the best restaurant is one that offers affordable food and does not cost extra based on the restaurant’s luxury seating. Such restaurants exist, but very few of them balance the quality of food, ambiance, and prices.

1. Pizzeria Vetri in Philadelphia

Every pizza lover looks for a place where he can enjoy his favorite meal without wasting time on long waits. As you know, a pizza takes 10 to 15 minutes, and in some restaurants, it takes 30 minutes because of the high workload. But if you visit the Pizzeria Vetri in Philadelphia, your pizza will be on the table right after 5 minutes.

When I visited Pizzeria Vetri for the first time, it changed my entire dining experience. There was soft background music, warm air coming from the fireplace, and yummy pizza full of cheese with a hot beverage on my table. If you do not like winter days because of the coldness, you will start loving them after visiting Pizzeria Vetri.

2. A16 Rockridge in Oakland

A few weeks ago, I was going back to the house from the office, but the instant high appetite forced me to stop and have dinner at the A16 Rockridge, which is one of the most famous venues in Oakland. The story begins when I ordered a double cheese beef pizza, and it was on my table right after 2 minutes. It not only amazed me but also triggered a feeling of suspicion about whether that pizza was fresh or not.

Well, I started eating the pizza, and the first bite in my mouth opened the channels of cheese. This yummy warm cheese with little chops of beef multiplied my appetite. The cozy environment, a glass of champagne, and a flavorful pizza compelled me to label A16 Rockridge as the best pizza restaurant in Oakland.

3. Don Antonio by Starita in New York City

New York is known for its restaurants, here, we have large venues, 7-star hotels, and luxury motels in the city. But none of them is offering perfect pizza except Don Antonio by Starita. The venue is located in the main region of New York, known for its classic look and next-level service.

When you enter the restaurant, you receive a warm welcome, and waiters give you a royal treat. Then comes the ambiance; this restaurant is not decorated like other ones, but its simple and classic interior makes it different from other venues in New York. You can have a seat near the fireplace or get a table at the end of the restaurant based on your decision.

I am recommending Don Antonio because of its well-behaved staff, quick service, and cozy atmosphere. No doubt, the quality of food is unquestionable as well as you can select a deal from a long list of beverages and many various pizzas. Visit Don Antonio by Starita once if you believe in quality.

Final Thoughts

Selecting a restaurant is a complicated task as one has to check a list of factors, such as the quality of food, ambiance, and the environment. People do not like to go out on winter days due to the harsh cold outside, but it is not a solution, and one can find warm and cozy restaurants in the country. The restaurants I have mentioned above are one of the best for pizza because of their warm, cozy, and homely atmosphere.